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Reset & Flourish

30-Day Reset & Flourish Bundle

30-Day Reset & Flourish Bundle

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The 30-day Reset & Flourish eBook Bundle will help you create healthy transformation through doable daily habits & routines! 

It shows you how to jumpstart and prioritize a healthier lifestyle no matter what season of life you're in!

Here’s what you get:

Practical Weight-loss Strategies: The 30-day Flourish & Reset eBook Bundle is not a bunch of unrealistic diet advice. No need to cut out food groups, live off shakes or spend 3 hours a day at the gym. I teach you five fundamental weight-loss strategies that even the busiest person can implement. I provide structure, but also teach you how to make it work for your lifestyle. 

  • Action Steps: My weight loss strategies are actionable and ready for you to implement right away. You'll no longer feel unsure about what to do to achieve your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.
  • Healthy Make-ahead Plans: Our 30-day Reset & Flourish Bundle comes with four weeks of healthy make-ahead meal plans that are perfect for the whole family. We've included delicious recipes with all the nutritional information you need to stay on track. Plus, we've even included meal prep instructions so you can make everything on Sunday and have healthy food ready for the entire week. 
  • Habit Challenges: Want to know the secret to weight loss and achieving your goals in life? It all comes down to your daily habits! In our 30-day Reset & Flourish Bundle, we'll guide you through four weeks of simple habits that can make a huge difference in your life. We truly believe that transformation happens through daily habits - that's where the magic happens!
  • Exercise Challenges. My 30-day Reset & Flourish Bundle includes four weeks of exercise challenges specifically designed to help real women like you jump-start the exercise habit. Don't worry, I’m not going to train you for the Iron Man Marathon! My goal is to simply get you moving and make exercise a priority in your life. 
  • The Tools To Take Control Back Over Your Life! Ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and take control of your life? Our 30-day Reset & Flourish Bundle has got you covered. No more depending on fast food because you didn't have time for breakfast or lunch and no more excuses for skipping exercise. I provide you with the tools you need to switch gears and finally be in control.


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